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  1. Service was okay for an online purchase with no human involved.

    • Hello Al, thanks for your feedback!

  2. Product was as shown and described. Easy assembly, and good quality.
    The cats love it!

  3. I loved the option of purchasing an additional cushion so both of my cats would have one.

    Image #1 from Erin
  4. Delivery was quick and the customer service was excellent! Marc was a pleasure to deal with.

  5. Excellent cat tree. I love the bright white, making it more aesthetically pleasing. The quality is great and it’s the perfect size for my two larger cats. They love the tree and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    Image #1 from Erin
    Image #2 from Erin
    • Hello Erin, glad to see you like the quality, thanks!

  6. Very fast and friendly customer service.

  7. Top quality kitty penthouse!

    • Hello Scott, happy to see you like it, thanks!

  8. Excellent communication and delivered sooner than expected. Thank you

    • Hello, thanks for the nice words, this is something we pride ourselves on, thanks!

  9. Easy to assemble! Our cat is very happy with her new scratching play area.

  10. Easy to repair and parts are available.

  11. Shipping and quality are top notch . The cat loves it and so does everybody that walks by (as it is front and centre in the window)

    • Hello Annette, glad you like it, thanks!

  12. The instructions were easy to follow and everything was labelled, it was very user friendly. It truly is a very luxurious cat tree and looks even better than in the photo. For the size and detail, this is definitely the best price around.

    • Hello Jessica, happy to see you like the quality of the tree, thanks!

  13. Shipping was fast and free.

  14. Arrived promptly. No issues whatsoever.

  15. Excellent value given the quality of materials and how sturdy it is. Cats love it so far!

    • Hello Alexandra, glad to see you like the quality, thanks!

  16. Just one screw missing. It is a beautiful piece. Sturdy and the cats love it~!

  17. Super fast delivery. Very nice to chat and ask questions

    • Hello Melisha, glad you like the tree, thanks!

  18. @Aristokatz, we can’t thank enough for creating this amazing piece. Moose can’t get enough😻🐈

    • Hello Derek, glad you like it, thanks!

  19. This is lovely. It was pretty easy to assemble with the exception of the “box house”. Trying to line up the inner supports with the drilled holes challenged me immensely.
    The perches are ideal for my kitten but not big enough for my very large cat.
    Both cats enjoy it in their own ways.

  20. The soft fabric is lovely but I fear it may become threadbare over time. So far it is wonderful! 1st photo…kitten on a perch, 2nd photo…giant cat on my lap! 3rd photo….after playing my giant guy sleeps in his big bed.

    Image #1 from Cindy-Gail L
    Image #2 from Cindy-Gail L
    Image #3 from Cindy-Gail L
    • Hello Cindy, glad your cats like it, thanks!

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