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  1. le prix affiché au départ et le prix à la caisse étaient différents

    • Bonjour Karine, la diffĂ©rence dans le prix vient des taxes, merci.

  2. Delivery was quick, no issues. Communication was fine as to track package.

  3. Un peu chambranlant ( poteaux)

    • Bonjour MĂ©lissa, si les poteaux bougent, c’est qu’ils ne sont pas assez serrĂ©s, merci.

  4. The soft fabric is lovely but I fear it may become threadbare over time. So far it is wonderful! 1st photo…kitten on a perch, 2nd photo…giant cat on my lap! 3rd photo….after playing my giant guy sleeps in his big bed.

    Image #1 from Cindy-Gail L
    Image #2 from Cindy-Gail L
    Image #3 from Cindy-Gail L
    • Hello Cindy, glad your cats like it, thanks!

  5. tres bien facile a installer

    • Salut Jean-Guy, content de vous savoir satisfait, merci!

  6. tres bien

  7. Les souries ne sont pas solides

    • Salut Danielle, merci pour votre commentaire.

  8. It was easy to assemble and is well made but the 2 round platforms and the basket on the side are small. We have 2 small cats and they don’t quite fit. The platform could be larger as well. Our 9 month old kitten can’t fit on the platform or on top of the house to play with the balls, so he lays in the house and reaches out.

    • Hello Laraine, appreciate your comments, thanks!

  9. Merci c’est parfait
    Le panier de droite devrait été remplacer par un un long cÎté rigide avec la possibilité que le chat y dorme..Quand il est trop gros..

    Image #1 from Claudine Richer
    • Bonjour Claudine, nous allons regarder cette possibilitĂ©, merci!

  10. The cat tree is great! My cat loves it. It was a little dirty in the box (to be expected with the white colour) and my cat ripped off one of the balls on the top platforms within less than 24 hours.

    • Hello Liana, glad you like it, thanks!

  11. On a reçu notre commande en 4 jours. Aurions aimĂ© pouvoir suivre la livraison…

  12. My credit card wouldn’t work, but you accommodated an etransfer

  13. Good quality, easy set up and very nice looking! Only thing is the podiums aren’t very big, so if you have an above average-sized cat, maybe try something else. My guy loves it, but is hanging off the edge when he is sleeping lol

    Image #1 from Jay D.
    • Hello Jay, happy to see you like the quality, thanks!

  14. The cat tree is well constructed except that there should be a ledge in the front of the little house to make it easier to climb for kittens. Other than that, I am very satisfied with my purchase. It is just the right size for my apartment.

    Image #1 from Nicole
    • Hello Nicole, happy to see you like it, thanks!

  15. Overall the cat tree is good. My cat also likes it except scratching posts. She doesn’t use it. Good thing would be to have jute rope instead of plastic rope on scratching posts to make it softer.

    Image #1 from Jeel
    • Hello Jeel, thanks for the feedback. That rope is actually first grade rope; your cat will get used to it (a good trick is using catnip on it) and it’ll lasts much longer than lower quality rope, thanks!

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  17. The only reason why I am giving this a four star rather than a five star review is that the assembly instructions are very vague (one page diagram). If there was better detailed instructions, tip and trick hacks to make assembly easier, or a video I could reference I would give this cat tree a resounding five star review.

    Two of my cats love it and can often be found on the perches. One bird has already been ripped off of it so I take it as a result of enthusiastic play. Best of all furniture and door jamb shredding has diminished greatly due to all the scratching post options.

    Buy the cat tree and hope they take my advice and do an assembly video for you.

    • Hello Paul, thanks for your feedback and the video idea will be entertained, thanks!

  18. A little difficult to put together, But iam old..My cat loves it, but still not sure if it’s his.. lol

  19. Came with Campari when I paid for Canada post but overall everything was fine nice product

    • Hello Diane, yeah, as we discussed, sometimes I’ll switch carriers based on their pick up schedules to speed the delivery process. Glad you like the cat, thanks!

  20. Website is pretty good, though I would love more info on expected shipping times or what is next once order is placed. I received confirmation, but then no tracking number. The address given to Canpar didn’t include my Buzzer, so if I didn’t call Canpar I would have had to go elsewhere to pick up the package. But excellent customer service — only providing feedback to aid future customers. I really love the tree.

    • I’m not sure why tracking email wasnt sent in this instance (maybe in your spam folder?). I know less than 2 days of transit is pretty good tho. I’ll check with Canpar why tracking infos didnt reached you. Thanks!