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  1. My 1 year old cat loves the tree, but not sturdy for his size. He is very close to being too big for it all and the poles are very tall and not sturdy at all. (He is probably 12 lbs). Should have got the larger version but was too expensive. This tree was reasonably priced
 but don’t know how long it will last for? He loves the hanging birds
 pulled one right out within 1-2 weeks of it being set up.

    • Hello, bit surprised your cat is too big for this (must be a very big one). It lasting wont be an issue, thanks!

  2. Better stability is needed and larger platforms. Other than that it was worth the money.

    Image #1 from Bonnie
  3. Very nice , we are very satisfied as is our cat 🐈 .
    This cattree is for a stray and she has gained a lot of weight since being inside so for now she preferred the top poll left off (ladder may need to come off too untill she loses weight lol )… so we used it as a extra scrach post and another big positive for us is there’s room for her food dish in the top house away from our dogs . Also the tree was nicely labeled and easy to put together .
    Thanks to my sister who recommended this company and thanks to the company.

    Change in my review
    the material has ripped already. See new pic .
    I order this 1 month ago. Disappointing.

    Image #1 from Pamela
    Image #2 from Pamela
    Image #3 from Pamela
    Image #4 from Pamela
    • Hello Pamela, shame your dogs took a chew already :/ We can tell its your dogs as none of the material around it is damaged. We have replacement parts available, unlike anyone on the market for accident like this. At least they didnt chew the cat! Thanks for your feedback!

    • Hello Pamela, seems you guys like the tree thanks!