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  1. Outstanding product. For nearly a year I’ve had some big spools of sisal rope in basement, to build my own cat tree. But I finally decided to just buy one. And I’m glad I did. There is no chance I could build anything of this quality, for this price. And that’s without even considering all the hours of work I would have put in. The cat already loves it, everybody else gets joy from it. Best purchase I’ve made so far this year.

    It needs to be assembled. All pieces and tools are included. It’s less work than the average Ikea product.

    Image #1 from Phyllis
    • Hello Phyllis, glad you like it! Your cat sure looks to be enjoying it, thanks!

  2. Website worked as expected. Delivery was as promised: sent by next day, tracking provided, arrived on time in a few days.

  3. Excellent sturdy quality materials at a fair and reasonable price! It was so easy and quick to put together. My cats LOVE it! Great workmanship and customer service. I highly recommend these cat trees. Better quality than local stores.

    • Hello Pat, thanks for the nice words; we sure do our best, thanks!

  4. Great communication and fast service!

  5. I have two cats so now they each have a bed on the tower.

    Image #1 from Darcey S.
    • Hello Darcey, glad your cats love it, thanks!

  6. Easy order and Very fast delivery

  7. I get comments on this tree almost everytime. My cat loves it.
    Building it was fairly easy and straightforward but it does take some skill. Took me about 35 minutes to set up.
    The frontmost of the 3 perches has been wobbling a bit and it might be due to a lack of tightening.

    The dangling toys haven’t given up yet after 3 months. Very good quality. I wish the toys were integrated throughout the tree instead of on the same level.
    Very satisfied with the purchase!

    Image #1 from Terry N.
    Image #2 from Terry N.
    • Hello Terry, for the wobbling post, you can tighten it. Unlike other cat trees, the mecanisms on our trees wont give up if firmly tighten up. Glad you like it, thanks!

  8. No comment

  9. My 1 year old cat loves the tree, but not sturdy for his size. He is very close to being too big for it all and the poles are very tall and not sturdy at all. (He is probably 12 lbs). Should have got the larger version but was too expensive. This tree was reasonably priced… but don’t know how long it will last for? He loves the hanging birds… pulled one right out within 1-2 weeks of it being set up.

    • Hello, bit surprised your cat is too big for this (must be a very big one). It lasting wont be an issue, thanks!

  10. Delivery was quick, no issues. Communication was fine as to track package.

  11. Veryy good quality!! This is your sign to buyyy it!! Not here to hype it up butt best and most affordable one I’ve seen so far..

    • Hello Dherlyn, glad you like it, thanks!

  12. Veryyyy noiceeee!!

  13. Awesome tree.

    • Hello Tanya, glad you like it, thanks!

  14. Shipping was super fast as well. Thanks

  15. Delivery was quick and on time!

  16. We are very happy with our purchase. Was a little skeptical at first since we just found this though a random advertisement on Facebook but we are absolutely thrilled with our purchase. Everything came packaged up nicely. The instructions were clear and it came with everything needed for assembly. Our two cats absolutely adore this new cat tree. I would highly recommend Aristokatz to anyone!

    • Hello Joe, thanks for the nice words and glad you like it!

  17. Great quality ! Came really fast, super easy to put together

    Image #1 from Joseph M.
    • Hello Joseph, glad you like it, thanks!

  18. Very good quality! Came quick!

  19. It’s a very nice tree, however, I have a large cat and some areas are small for her. I’d say it’s better for kittens or medium sized cats. Great quality though and very sturdy. I highly recommend this tree and this company!

    Image #1 from Daniel
    • Hello Daniel, we do have cat trees for all sizes, thanks.

  20. Delivery was a little slower than I would have liked, but for free shipping, it’s okay! 😁

    • Hello Daniel,

      General transit time from QC to BC is 4-6 days; yours took 6 days.

      Considering its the winter, so you have weather delays and logistics issues, 6 is good.


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