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Sur les commandes de plus de 100$, certaines exceptions s'appliquent, notamment en région éloignée. En savoir plus.

Gray 72″ (182 cm) Large Cat Tree

(48 customer reviews)


Versatile tree for your cat



  • Base dimensions: 58.5cm x 58.5cm (23 in x 23 inches)
  • Overall height: 182 cm (72 inches)
  • Weight: 46 lbs
New, Very high quality


See below for full description

In stock

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This versatile playground has everything your cat could want.

Whether it's for sleeping, hiding, scratching, looking outside, this tree will become his favorite place. With perches and high platforms, your cat will be able to observe the surroundings, satisfy their curiosity and see what is going on around from a safe place. He can rest or play hiding in the condo houses and spoons. The ladder, the little mice, the ball with a spring, will give him what he needs for fun. He can even scratch himself with the brush built into the tree.

Is your cat making life difficult for your furniture? All the posts are covered with sisal so he can scratch his teeth.

Your cat will love it for sure!



  • Base dimensions: 58.5cm x 58.5cm (23 in x 23 inches)
  • Overall height: 182 cm (72 inches)
  • Weight: 46 lbs

The widened base and the weight make it a very stable, sturdy and safe tree.



  • 3 platforms (including a comfortable bed)
  • 1 ladder
  • 2 spoons
  • 1 brush to scratch his back
  • 2 condo houses
  • 3 little mice
  • 1 bullet with a spring
  • Posts covered with sisal (very resistant fiber)



  • Load limit on each upper platform: 20kg (44 lbs)
  • Covered in a premium silky fabric. The bristles do not stick and it is very easy to maintain
  • Possibility of adding cushions for the other 2 top platforms (see the store for more information).
  • Possibility to purchase individual replacement posts, which will prevent you from buying a new tree in the event of an accident (available in store).
  • Comes disassembled in a box


Included in the box

  • Easy to assemble
  • Screws and Allen key included
  • Plan included

48 reviews for Gray 72″ (182 cm) Large Cat Tree

  1. Yina

    My cat love it. Looks so nice

  2. Julie

    I have two kittens and they love it. They spend most of their day playing and sleeping in it. The little birds that hang are a ton of fun for them.

  3. Erdna Pummell

    My two cats love it. Both ran to the tree up & down & also their napping. They enjoy it.

    Image #1 from Erdna Pummell
    Image #2 from Erdna Pummell
    Image #3 from Erdna Pummell
  4. Mykala

    I am super happy with my cat tree! My two cats absolutely love it. The jumped right on it as soon as I built it. It has a very sturdy structure and is an amazing value.

    Image #1 from Mykala
    Image #2 from Mykala
    Image #3 from Mykala
  5. Stacey H.

    My kitties love it!

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Stacey, happy to see everyone involved likes it!

  6. Marguerita

    Only comment —instructions could be a bit clearer otherwise we are very happy with the cat tree👍Satisfied customer

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Marguerita, happy to see you’re satisfied! We’ll check on my instructions, thanks!

  7. Scott

    Love it

  8. Anonymous


  9. Jessica R.

    Good quality product heavey materials our cats love it!

    Image #1 from Jessica R.
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Jessica, glad you all like it, thanks!

  10. Diane

    Well the cat love it great product

    Image #1 from Diane
    Image #2 from Diane
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Diane, glad you like it, thanks!

  11. Sandra

    great service and the product looks exactly like the picture, which is fantastic!

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Sandra, glad to know you’re satisfied, thanks!

  12. Tracey

    Happy to say I am very pleased easy to order, easy to assemble and it’s not carpet it is soft minky way easier to clean. I have only had a few days but my cat is loving all the extra space his last one was only 5ft no hiding spots and cost me 20 bucks more. If I ever need another I would order again thanks so much.

    Image #1 from Tracey
  13. Lynn f.

    A little difficult to put together, But iam old..My cat loves it, but still not sure if it’s his.. lol

  14. Ryan L.

    I have 2 very happy Persians. They weigh about 10 lbs each. This cat house is amazing! Holds both cats without tipping. Very well made and super soft! My fur babies preferred the top platform off!🤷🏼‍♀️ Would defiantly recommend and purchase again!

    Image #1 from Ryan L.
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Ryan, looks like the whole family likes it, thanks!

  15. Marzia M.

    Great product

  16. Mary D.

    Lord Purrseus surprisingly (for a cat) loves every bit of the tree. There was a bit of sewing that came apart on the bed for the top, but easily fixed with a sewing machine (or thread and needle).

    Image #1 from Mary D.
  17. Anonymous

    We received this very fast and is very high quality! Our kittens love it!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Naomi, glad you like the quality, thanks!

  18. Anonymous

    Assembly was easy enough once you studied the instructions/picture. All the pieces come labeled so there’s no guesswork there. Overall, love the product and so does my cat 🙂

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Lauren, happy to see everyone’s happy, thanks!

  19. Vicky R.

    Such an amazing cat tree. Love it. Not cheaply made and easy to put together. My big cats fit on it nicely and are very happy.

    Image #1 from Vicky R.
    Image #2 from Vicky R.
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Vicky, glad to see you guys like it, thanks!

  20. Merrill Giffen

    Cats love it! I have 4 adult cats and they all can navigate and fit on all levels. The mice are a huge hit. Installation was quick and easy, was able to set up by myself. Screw #3 threw me for a loop but completely operator error in my part and easily corrected.

    Image #1 from Merrill Giffen
    Image #2 from Merrill Giffen
    Image #3 from Merrill Giffen
  21. Paul D.

    The only reason why I am giving this a four star rather than a five star review is that the assembly instructions are very vague (one page diagram). If there was better detailed instructions, tip and trick hacks to make assembly easier, or a video I could reference I would give this cat tree a resounding five star review.

    Two of my cats love it and can often be found on the perches. One bird has already been ripped off of it so I take it as a result of enthusiastic play. Best of all furniture and door jamb shredding has diminished greatly due to all the scratching post options.

    Buy the cat tree and hope they take my advice and do an assembly video for you.

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Paul, thanks for your feedback and the video idea will be entertained, thanks!

  22. Jeel

    Overall the cat tree is good. My cat also likes it except scratching posts. She doesn’t use it. Good thing would be to have jute rope instead of plastic rope on scratching posts to make it softer.

    Image #1 from Jeel
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Jeel, thanks for the feedback. That rope is actually first grade rope; your cat will get used to it (a good trick is using catnip on it) and it’ll lasts much longer than lower quality rope, thanks!

  23. Melissa W.

    My kitten and small dog love it

  24. Hannah

    My kitten loves this tree so much! For the price, the cat tree goes above and beyond in terms of quality. Only thing I would change with the cat tree is the size of the baskets to be a bit larger. They fit my kitten now, but will be too small for when he gets bigger.

    Image #1 from Hannah
    Image #2 from Hannah
    Image #3 from Hannah
    Image #4 from Hannah
    Image #5 from Hannah
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Hannah, glad you like the quality, thanks!

  25. Pamela

    Very nice , we are very satisfied as is our cat 🐈 .
    This cattree is for a stray and she has gained a lot of weight since being inside so for now she preferred the top poll left off (ladder may need to come off too untill she loses weight lol )… so we used it as a extra scrach post and another big positive for us is there’s room for her food dish in the top house away from our dogs . Also the tree was nicely labeled and easy to put together .
    Thanks to my sister who recommended this company and thanks to the company.

    Change in my review
    the material has ripped already. See new pic .
    I order this 1 month ago. Disappointing.

    Image #1 from Pamela
    Image #2 from Pamela
    Image #3 from Pamela
    Image #4 from Pamela
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Pamela, seems you guys like the tree thanks!

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Pamela, shame your dogs took a chew already :/ We can tell its your dogs as none of the material around it is damaged. We have replacement parts available, unlike anyone on the market for accident like this. At least they didnt chew the cat! Thanks for your feedback!

  26. Ryan Rayner

    Fantastic quality and design. Cats spend tons of time in the tree (playing and sleeping) great price for the enjoyment factor!

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Rayner, glad you like it, thanks!

  27. Vance Amyotte

    Quality product. We would definitely order again

    Image #1 from Vance Amyotte
  28. Laura L

    This is fabulous. Highly recommend.

  29. David P.

    Great quality!

  30. Darcey S.

    Easy to put together! Cats enjoying it.

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Darcey, glad you like it, thanks!

  31. Derek Natt

    @Aristokatz, we can’t thank enough for creating this amazing piece. Moose can’t get enough😻🐈

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Derek, glad you like it, thanks!

  32. Melisha

    Just one screw missing. It is a beautiful piece. Sturdy and the cats love it~!

  33. Alexandra Kowbel

    Excellent value given the quality of materials and how sturdy it is. Cats love it so far!

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Alexandra, glad to see you like the quality, thanks!

  34. Jessica

    The instructions were easy to follow and everything was labelled, it was very user friendly. It truly is a very luxurious cat tree and looks even better than in the photo. For the size and detail, this is definitely the best price around.

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Jessica, happy to see you like the quality of the tree, thanks!

  35. Scott B.

    Top quality kitty penthouse!

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Scott, happy to see you like it, thanks!

  36. Al B.

    Product was as shown and described. Easy assembly, and good quality.
    The cats love it!

  37. Melanie

    Beau produit que mon chat adore!

  38. Jennifer

    Excellent customer service, delivery and product!

  39. Daniel

    It’s a very nice tree, however, I have a large cat and some areas are small for her. I’d say it’s better for kittens or medium sized cats. Great quality though and very sturdy. I highly recommend this tree and this company!

    Image #1 from Daniel
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Daniel, we do have cat trees for all sizes, thanks.

  40. Joe Bellefeuille

    We are very happy with our purchase. Was a little skeptical at first since we just found this though a random advertisement on Facebook but we are absolutely thrilled with our purchase. Everything came packaged up nicely. The instructions were clear and it came with everything needed for assembly. Our two cats absolutely adore this new cat tree. I would highly recommend Aristokatz to anyone!

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Joe, thanks for the nice words and glad you like it!

  41. Tanya

    Awesome tree.

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Tanya, glad you like it, thanks!

  42. Dherlyn O.

    Veryy good quality!! This is your sign to buyyy it!! Not here to hype it up butt best and most affordable one I’ve seen so far..

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Dherlyn, glad you like it, thanks!

  43. Anonymous

    My 1 year old cat loves the tree, but not sturdy for his size. He is very close to being too big for it all and the poles are very tall and not sturdy at all. (He is probably 12 lbs). Should have got the larger version but was too expensive. This tree was reasonably priced… but don’t know how long it will last for? He loves the hanging birds… pulled one right out within 1-2 weeks of it being set up.

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello, bit surprised your cat is too big for this (must be a very big one). It lasting wont be an issue, thanks!

  44. Terry N.

    I get comments on this tree almost everytime. My cat loves it.
    Building it was fairly easy and straightforward but it does take some skill. Took me about 35 minutes to set up.
    The frontmost of the 3 perches has been wobbling a bit and it might be due to a lack of tightening.

    The dangling toys haven’t given up yet after 3 months. Very good quality. I wish the toys were integrated throughout the tree instead of on the same level.
    Very satisfied with the purchase!

    Image #1 from Terry N.
    Image #2 from Terry N.
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Terry, for the wobbling post, you can tighten it. Unlike other cat trees, the mecanisms on our trees wont give up if firmly tighten up. Glad you like it, thanks!

  45. Phyllis

    Outstanding product. For nearly a year I’ve had some big spools of sisal rope in basement, to build my own cat tree. But I finally decided to just buy one. And I’m glad I did. There is no chance I could build anything of this quality, for this price. And that’s without even considering all the hours of work I would have put in. The cat already loves it, everybody else gets joy from it. Best purchase I’ve made so far this year.

    It needs to be assembled. All pieces and tools are included. It’s less work than the average Ikea product.

    Image #1 from Phyllis
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Phyllis, glad you like it! Your cat sure looks to be enjoying it, thanks!

  46. Paulette R.

    This is our second cat tree. Our cats took years to destroy the first one. We love that you can buy replacement parts to lengthen the life of the cat tree.

    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Paulette, glad you like the quality of our trees, thanks!

  47. Arlene Manalo-Rodriguez

    Kirk loves his new vacation home at the cabin! Great quality and I can already tell it will last for years!

    Image #1 from Arlene Manalo-Rodriguez
    Image #2 from Arlene Manalo-Rodriguez
    Image #3 from Arlene Manalo-Rodriguez
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Arlene, glad you guys like it, thanks!

  48. Michel Roy

    Best cat tree ever!

    Image #1 from Michel Roy
    Image #2 from Michel Roy
    Image #3 from Michel Roy
    • Marc Lemieux

      Hello Michel, glad you guys like it, thanks!

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