Cat Trees and Selkirk Rex cattery

Welcome to Aristokatz: Cattery (Selkirk Rex) and Cat Trees.

We are a family-owned cattery specialized in Selkirk Rex cat breeding, reknowned for their curled coat. Our cattery is located in Deschambault, Portneuf county of Quebec, Canada.

Our Selkirk Rex are part of the family and our daily lives. Our cats are adored and are being well looked after. We are passionate and put lots of time and energy in our cattery to offer the best quality of life to our “little sheeps”. 

The best companion

Their social abilities and alertness make the Selkirk Rex the ideal companion. The Selkirk Rex hates loneliness and is very affectuous. This is why this cat suits all families, including families with young children. All of our kittens are, when leaving, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, neutered, examined by our veterinarian and registered at the CFA. It is imperative for us that our cats are of an impeccable quality. Hence why we offer a one-year guarantee on genetic disorders.

Our cattery

The Selkirk Rexhas either long or short hair. Their coat can be REX (curled) or STRAIGHT. Some Selkirk Rex are “homozygous” (curled coat gene): they inherited of the curled coat gene from both their parents, not only one of them. If the cat inherits the curled coat gene from only one parent, they are then “heterozygous”.

The homozygous cats feature a more angular and less round look than their heterozygous siblings: longer ears, less round eyes. In our cattery, the male is homozygous and the females are heterozygous. The curled coat dominant gene present in our male cat ensures that our cats feature the curled coat.

All of our cats are either homozygous or heterozygous.

We don’t have any straight coat kittens because we would need both parents to be heterozygous and kittens would not survive from two homozygous parents. Selkirk Rex coat, eyebrows and whiskers are curled, as well as the hair inside of  their ears. Their life expectancy is between 12 to 20 years.

Some cats are described as being “hypoallergenic” and so is the Selkirk Rex. No cat is nonallergic. This is why we offer the possibility to potentially allergic people to come for a visit and test your reaction in our home.

Our Cat Trees

We are so passionate about cats, that we also developped our own cat trees.

They are custom-built and made of superior quality.

This is a cat tree where all cat breeds feel home, from the smallest to the biggest. Our cat trees make everyone happy!